The Wild Things

This summer I did a Where the Wild Things Are themed photoshoot with my friend Jenn and her fantastic baby. He was wonderful on our trip to the park. Though it might seem like our little adventurer is alone in these pictures, know that Mom has been cleverly photoshopped out of most of these images, or is just off-screen.

For a while, I thought I wasn’t the right photographer to take pictures of babies, but doing this shoot made me realize that it’s not the babies, it’s the focus of the photoshoots.  I love babies. I’m not a fan of doing simple lifestyle photoshoots. What I am a fan of is bringing on the fantasy to make a creative and fun photo.

So I might not be the right photographer to hire for a simple, beautiful family photo. But if your family wants to dress up as Vikings? If you have a fairy princess in your midst? If you are a couple of werewolves who need engagement photos? I’m your photographer.