You Can Trust Me, I’m a Professional

While most people who follow me know that I make my living as a freelance photographer, taking photos for Philadelphia Weekly, booking weddings, and making art for the inside of books, fewer people know that I also publish fiction. I’ve written science fiction, fantasy and games.

But I’ve also done much weirder things for money. I’ve decided to make a list of all the things I’ve done that people have handed over cash for me to do.

Stuff I’ve Been Paid For

A List By J.R. Blackwell


(Photojournalism, weddings, portraits, events)


(Science fiction, fantasy, essays)

Lecturing at a University



Kickstarter Management

Game Design

Selling Wigs

Photo Restoration

IT Help Desk

Selling Comic Books

Administration in Higher Education

Making Pretzels

Singing in a church choir


Running a simulation of the zombie apocalypse

While I no longer contort in a freak show, I still do a few things on this list, notably photography and writing fiction. If you’d like to hire me to do either of those things, you can contact me at

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