Help Me Choose: Selecting Photos for a Competition

WARNING: This post features nudity found in the course of journalism, so if that’s going to be an issue, click away now.

Help me choose what photos to use!

I’m currently selecting photos for a competition that has a prize that would help me complete a big photo project. It’s a photojournalism competition, so I need to select photos from my portfolio that are from my adventures in photojournalism. Ideally these photos would be striking, and would tell a story. I’ve narrowed down the photos I like, but I need your help picking the best of the best. I like all of these, but these photos will need to impress a panel of judges, so I need more than my own eyes to help me judge.

That’s where you come in. Vote for your favorites in this poll. You can vote for more than one photo, but I encourage you to only choose your favorites. It’s okay if you only like one or two. Go with your gut.

Names in the poll are listed in the order the photos are presented, from left to right. The titles are also written below the photos.

Click on any photo below to make it larger:

Thanks for your help! I look forward to seeing what people like best.