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The Best of You

One piece of advice I get now and then is that I should quit writing or photography. I’m told it’s confusing. People say that I should split these things up. Do writing under one name, make a site for that, and photography under another name, with a whole other site and concept. But I’ve chosen to believe the best of you.

Here’s who I am: I’m a writer and a photographer.

I’ve written short fiction, long fiction, and games. I’ve photographed weddings, drag queens, politicians, musicians, moms, babies, celebrities and elaborate fantasy scenes. I’ve won awards for writing and photography.

When people argue that I should split them up, the argument is often that I’m confusing my audience, that people can’t handle the idea of an artist who does more than one thing. The concept is that it’s bad for my brand to do both things under one name. The idea behind it is that you are too impatient, and too easily distracted to handle the concept of a writer/photographer.

I like to believe the best of you. I think you can understand. I think you are smart enough to figure out that a person can do more than one thing. I believe you know what it’s like to be more than one thing in your life. I think you contain multitudes. I don’t think you’re confused.

Maybe I’m wrong and I’m losing people. Maybe I’m asking too much. But I like it this way. I’ve decided to believe the best of you.

3 thoughts on “The Best of You

  1. Well, the best of us love and believe in you, so hey, it’s all good. Whoever told you you’re confusing is perhaps just confused, themselves, without your input at all.

    Keep showing us the beauty and horror and awesome and brilliance, in all the ways you see fit. Please.

  2. I don’t understand how people can be confused that you might do both. You are the brand, not just what you do, so those who don’t get it…its on them to figure it out. Not you to split yourself into shards so that you’re easy to understand. People are complex and dumbing yourself down serves no one.

  3. It’s always odd the way people attempt to categorize things. If you were to tell someone “I’m a playwright, director and actor” they can compartmentalize it as “theater stuff.” “Writer/Filmmaker” fits together because it falls into the ‘movie stuff’ bucket. But when you say “writer/photographer” it causes a weird schism. The two don’t immediately interrelate, and doesn’t fall into a neat little box. Which means people who’s careers & loves don’t fall into neat packages are vital. Otherwise, we’re stuck viewing the world through the same tiny boxes.

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