How Much Does a Beast Cost?

How much does it cost to make a beast?

Recently I completed a fantasy photoshoot called Danger’s Untold. I was lucky enough that the publisher gave me a good budget to work with so that I could make the photoshoot happen.

We had six characters, we photographed on two days, and the costs of this kind of shoot add up. Many people don’t realize just how much it costs to produce this kind of shoot.

So I’m going to break down the costs of the beast character, the Cursed Prince. This is JUST this one character, not the cost of the entire shoot.

The Heroine and the Cursed Prince: Sara Gates and Jared Axelrod

The Heroine and the Cursed Prince: Sara Gates and Jared Axelrod

The Cursed Prince: Cost of Materials and Construction

Costume Materials (shirt, cape, armor, pants, belt, gloves, boots): $235

Custom Costume Creation (custom construction, hand dyed materials): $300

Beast Prosthetic: $55

Wig: $40

Custom Fangs: $100

FX Makeup Artist: $65

Sword: $85

Total: $880

I was able to trim some of these costs by doing trades, working with props we already had (sword, teeth), and basically making a costumer (my husband, Jared) work for free, but I thought it would be useful for people to see what I would have to pay for if I wasn’t able to strategically cut corners. This does NOT include the costs of photography or hiring a pro model to be the beast.

Making a fantasy world come to life is expensive. It takes skilled professionals working for hours to make it real, even for just the fraction of a second it takes for the shutter to click. It’s my favorite kind of shoot to do, but it costs.