Recently, everyone has been amazing about giving me credit for my work.

You often hear about artists not getting credit, having the credit stripped from below their images and words, purposefully erased and stolen. These stories deserve to be talked about, but right now, I wanted to celebrate just how good everyone in my life has been about giving me credit.

The Heroine and the Cursed Prince: Sara Gates and Jared Axelrod

The Heroine and the Cursed Prince: Sara Gates and Jared Axelrod

I recently completed a photoshoot for Danger’s Untold, which was a wonderful fantasy photoshoot. Everyone from my models to makeup artists have been sharing the photos, and giving me credit, often linking to my site when they do so. It’s been great.

It’s not just because I like my name on things. I do like to have my name next to my work, I’m proud of what I do, but it’s more than that. Giving me credit helps people who like what I do to find me. Most of my clients come from people share my work and link to me. A client posts photos of her wedding, links to me, and another friend who is getting married hires me. A model posts a photo and says I made her feel comfortable, and a makeup artist hires me to help with her portfolio.

Credit can be helpful in softer ways – when a person repeatedly sees my name come up on things they like, they start to think of me positively, they might ask me to speak at a convention, or may hire me years down the road.

People often suggest projects to me, and express the wish that I’ll continue to make things. Giving me credit for my work is a vital piece of how that happens. If you like my photographs and my stories, give me credit for my work and you’ll see more in the years to come.