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The J.R. Blackwell Summer Convention Guide

After a winter of basically being stuck inside due to mountains of snow I am so delighted to be traveling this summer.

Today I’m at Balticon, where I’ll be on a panel on how to submit a story. Balticon isn’t the only convention I’ll be at this year. I’m also going to be going to LA for Anime Expo and Indianapolis for GenCon.

Balticon (May 23 – 26)

I’m going to be speaking on panels at Balticon about fiction, photography, and making a living at the creative life. I adore Balticon, and I’m so happy to see my friends there.

Anime Expo (July 2 -7)

The Five Wits have asked Jared and I to come with them to LA (LA!!) to help them sell wigs at Anime Expo. We did this last year, and we helped so many people with their costumes. Now we’ve gotten to extend our trip in LA a bit, so hopefully we’ll be hitting the beach with our buddies!

GenCon (14 -17)

I was at GenCon years ago to promote my first game, Shelter in Place ,and this year I’ll be back, having written two more games and a put out a board game. Of course, this time, I’m back just to have a good time. I’m really looking forward to playing new games and seeing friends.

If you’re going to be at any of these events, say hello! I like to meet people who enjoy my fiction and photography and conventions are a great place to do that.

If you want me to speak at your convention, class or event, you can contact me at jrblackwell@gmail.com. To learn more about me, visit my About Page.