Balticon Schedule 2014

This upcoming weekend is Balticon, which I think of as my home-convention, despite the fact that it’s about two hours away. Still, so many friends attend this convention that it’s where I feel I’m going home. It’s a small convention, nowhere near the size of the DragonCons and the GenCons of the world, but it’s where creators at different stages of their careers get to share drinks, advice, and laughter.

Below is my Balticon schedule.  How To Submit A Story is a good panel for me, because I give a presentation on that about once a semester to creative writing students at UPenn. Having been an editor accepting submissions, and a writer sending out submissions, I have been on both sides of that process, so I have some insight.

I’m also excited about Skool Daze because I pursued a writing career while in school (and working!) and I think it’s a great time to do it. Creative writing classes are a great place to refine your stories for publication. There are many stories that I published that went through workshops at school.

Also, I just love being called a multi-creative. The channel that people meet me through often determines how people think of me. If someone read my science fiction, they think of me as a writer first. If they met me through photography, they think that is my first love. Game designers think I’m a designer who enjoys a bit of photography as a hobby.  Recently an editor gave me advice about writing using photography as a metaphor, because he thought I was new to writing.  But I sold my first story before I sold my first photograph.

I’m often told that I need to Stop Doing Something – to narrow my focus. But I’m not sure I can, at least, not at this point in my life. I love photography, I love writing. The challenge, for me, is to get them to play together.

I go to conventions to meet people, so if you’ll be at Balticon, say hello!

J.R. Blackwell’s Balticon Schedule:


How To Submit A Story (7:00PM, Parlor 1026)


Author Branding Across Platforms and Media (11:00AM, Derby )


Social Media Promotion (8:00PM, Chesapeake)


Collaborating (Time: 9:00AM, Room: Parlor 1026)

Skool Daze: Pursuing a writing career while n school (11:00AM, Parlor 1041)

Multi-creatives (12:00PM, Salon C)