Be the Tambourine Guy

Artists: Let’s all be the Tambourine Guy.

When I was just starting out, a young artist told me that every time one artist succeeded, another failed. Success was a zero-sum game. If you did well, you were stepping on the hearts of others. If you failed, it was because other artists were walking on you. Not long after we had this talk, this artist stopped making art and took up another profession. It doesn’t surprise me, because this philosophy places other artists as your enemies. To win, you trample on dreams.

Because I’m not a supervillain, I don’t have any interest in trampling on the dreams of other people. I don’t want to crush anyone, I want to celebrate. So I don’t buy that philosophy. I believe in the way of the Tambourine Guy.

In THIS VIDEO Annie Goodchild is singing her heart-out with Postmodern Jukebox, and halfway into the song, a young man steps into frame and begins playing the tambourine. He goes wild. He’s not stealing her spotlight, he’s adding to it, reveling in the song and the singer.

Lets be the Tambourine Guy. Let’s celebrate the success of our peers.  Let’s be their backup, let’s bring the party, let’s admire their skill and beauty. Let’s dance to their dreams.

Let us be the Tambourine Guy.

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