Editing Options

Danger’s Untold is a book about a young woman who is transported to a magical world. It was funded via Kickstarter, and I’m in charge of producing the interior art for the book.

The first photoshoot was on Sunday, and I’m still recovering. My model Nena called it a “production/awesomeness/vision & work out” and I agree with her. We went to two locations and hiked uphill around Forbidden Drive.

I took about 700 photos and picked 100 of these for my client to look through and choose their favorites for the inside of the book. As they choose, I wanted them to know the options they have for adjusting an image – everything from adding a summer glow, to putting in magical unreal colors, to changing light. This way, when the client chooses images, they can have an idea of what that image can become when it’s finished. Since Danger’s Untold is a fantasy story, I focused on color edits that made the images look magical, even if that slid them away from a “realistic” look.

Jenn, who wrote the book Project Ninja, Panda, Taco, is the model for the photo. She’s modeled for me before, and I’ve always been happy with the results, but this time I felt that we were really in synch. A few times I lowered my camera to tell her to do something, and she just did it before I even opened my mouth, leaving me to say “Um, yeah! Just like that!”

Aside from  being super-beautiful, she’s very enthusiastic, and she brought along her wonderful baby to the shoot, so I was finally able to photograph those warrior-Mom photos I’ve been dreaming about. I’ll have more photos from this shoot to share in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy them.

The next photoshoot for Danger’s Untold is this Sunday, but it’s far smaller with only two models. Still, I’m hoping to accomplish all the weird little things that I’m slapping my head over now as I think “How did I forget that?”

Click on any photo in the set below to view it larger.

If you’re curious about how to do any of these lighting techniques, I suggest searching YouTube for photoshop tutorials. I could try to explain it to you, but I doubt I’d do half as well as the amazing, professionally produced tutorials already online. I learned quite a bit through watching tutorials online. It’s like have an instructor you can tell to shut up now and then while you press the pause button and experiment.

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