Ming the Meow

Ming sits on a stoop in Philadelphia

Ming sits on a stoop in Philadelphia

Whenever I’m very busy, this space goes silent, and it seems like I’m doing nothing. When I’ve got time on my hands, I fill up the blog with updates, and it appears like I’ve got a life of adventure, when really I’m just playing catch up.

I have a bunch to catch up on right now. I’ve did a cover image for Philadelphia Weekly, I got to eat with the food reviewer (this never happens for reasons I should detail in another post) I won an honorable mention for one of my photographs and I’ve built a bunch of armor for an upcoming photoshoot.

Also, I photographed a 3-legged cat named Ming for the animal issue of Philadelphia Weekly. Ming is a fabulous little cat. I was worried he might be unfriendly, but I met him first through a screen window, and I let him sniff the camera and he accepted that it wasn’t dangerous and after that, he had zero problem with me photographing him.

However, when I whipped out my cellphone to get a photo for twitter, he ran away. I found this funny, because the cellphone is so much smaller than my giant DSLR, but then again, he didn’t get to smell it first. Or he may just have had it with being a model for the day.

Lots to catch up on in this space, but also, lots of armor to make.

Excerpt from the article on Ming by Randy LoBasso:

Louise spent a year swearing Ming wasn’t hers. It was four years ago, and the Tyler School of Art graduate was fostering the then-8-month-old black cat at the home/studio she rented on Letterly Street in Fishtown. She’d split the responsibilities with a friend, Beverly, though Ming had mostly lived out of Louise’s house. “I resisted for a year, I think,” Louise says, “because I didn’t want to be an irresponsible parent.” She’d fallen in love with the animal but, due to her art residencies, which required a lot of travel, she didn’t think she had the time to care for it.

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