The Tumbling Love Letter

From the way my husband and I write each other love letters, you would think that we are in a long-distance relationship, rather than spending nearly every moment in each others company.

Since we are both freelancers, we work from home, so we spend every day together. We work, play, and eat together. Every morning we get up and go to the gym, where we run, side by side on the treadmill. Then we come home and work, often in silence, for hours.

When we take breaks we talk about what we’re writing or editing. Jared shares a chapter with me and we talk about characters. I ask him to come look at a series of photos, and tell me which one he likes best, which one I should ditch.

Life with my husband is an ongoing love letter, written in the tea that he carries to my bedside when I’m not feeling well, holding hands while we watch Hannibal, plate after plate of dinners, and even in baskets of laundry.

We also maintain blogs for each other, Tumblr blogs with links and pictures that make us think of each other. When I see something he would like or something that inspires me, I put it on that blog. It’s just for him. Other people might follow it, but it’s really an ongoing love letter just to him – I’m thinking about you – is what it says – I’m always thinking about you.

Jared and I have been married for just over five years, and I keep waiting for that chemical infatuation to wear off.

This year I was sitting with a friend, and she asked me how long I’d be married. “Five years,” I said, and she said “Well then, you know.” She said this in an exasperated, exhausted way, as if there was some awful emergence that happened around year five, where you’ve finally had it with each other.

But I’m not done with him yet. When I wake up in the morning and roll over to see his face he is already smiling at me.

Looking away from him, imagining his face, I can feel sad, or angry, but when he is there, that all melts away, his face changes the world around me. Or maybe it’s not the world around me, maybe it’s the world inside me that changes.

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