Stacey Lee Webber at the Globe Dye Works

One of the great pleasures of being a freelancer for Philadelphia Weekly is that now and then, I get to collaborate with my husband as a photographer/writer duo.

For his latest column for Made New we got to meet Stacey Lee Webber, an artist at the Globe Dye Works. She is a remarkable lady in an amazing space. She gave us a tour, and told us about her artwork, where she makes common items like screws and coins into beautiful pieces of art.

Stacey Lee Webber is pounding the hell out of the screw on her anvil. We’re in a corner of her workspace at the converted Globe Dye Works factory in Port Richmond, where Webber shows off the moves of a blacksmith, forging something new out of base ore. But what she’s doing is the reverse of what a blacksmith does. She’s not making the screw, she’s unmaking it; flattening it out until its spirals become a teeth on a flat line of brass. She holds it up, now completely removed from its original function in any way, shape or form, with a distinct air of pride. Unmade, the screw is now something she can use.

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