The Five Wits: The Wig Extravaganza

Ruth of The Five Wits

Ruth of The Five Wits

My good friend Ruth, (who I’m off to see today as I travel to Anime Boston) owns a company called The Five Wits, which sells wigs for cosplayers. With wigs that have names like “Unlikely Giant Love Interest” or “Sugar Coated Magenta Frenzy” these wigs are inside jokes for the geeks-in-the-know. Whenever I know what the wig is referencing, it always makes me happy, like figuring out a little puzzle.

Ruth hired me recently to take photos of some of the new wigs in her selection, so I gathered up some models, hired a makeup artist, and set about taking some photos.

One of the most memorable moments of the shoot was for the Saga wig. Jenn brought her baby to the shoot and we were able to wrap him in a blue blanket and get him into his first cosplay photoshoot as Hazel, the baby from Saga. I think that Jenn makes a marvelous Alana, and I was just over the moon that she was willing to let her baby be in the shoot.

Jenn and Tuktuk

Jenn and Tuktuk

Her baby was just a delight during the whole shoot, he napped for about a quarter of the time, and the rest of the time he enjoyed the attention of the other models who held him, cooed at him, and generally entertained him until he fell asleep.  Jared made the poncho Jenn is wearing for the shoot in about an hour, because he’s marvelous.

I hope this shoot helps Ruth to sell more wigs and reach more customers. I believe that professional level photography really shows off just how high-quality these wigs are. They are soft and comfortable to wear, and personally, my models loved them. Ruth offered each of my models a gift of a wig to take home from the shoot, and not one of them turned that offer down.

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The Five Wits:

Makeup by Elizabeth Terenchin:

Models: Jared, Deva, Jenn, Sara, Xand, Dan, Avalon