Recently the folks at Skyspark books approached me to take some photos for their new book covers. They are producing a line of regency romances, and wanted the cover image to reflect the heroines of their stories.

This is exactly the sort of project I delight in – kickass heroines, fun costumes, a wonderful author – this is the kind of photography that’s loads of fun. If you’ve got a project like this, hire me! I love doing this.

They’ve just revealed the cover design for their novel “A Reckless Soul” (coming April 8th) and so now I get to share it with you!

If this looks like the kind of book you’d like to read, you can read the first in the series here: A Heartless Design There are different heroines to each novel, but they are connected. I got the feeling that it’s one of those deals where you CAN read each novel on it’s own, but you get an extra shot of fun knowing all the secrets of the last novel.

Thanks to Deva for modeling, and for Elizabeth Terenchin for her lovely makeup and Paige Lewis for getting the hair just right.

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