Dangers Untold

HeroineAs a photographer, I’ve shot rock shows, weddings, babies, theater, food and sports. But my true love in photography is telling stories, the more fantastical, the better.

I love creating wild characters from my imagination, and placing them in fabulous settings that transport the viewer to another world. I get to work with models, makeup artists and costumers to make those worlds come to life. That means finding adventurous people, talented artists, and real-world settings that transport us to a fairy tale.

Though these are my favorite types of shoots, and the ones that people enjoy seeing the most, I only get to do one or two a year, because these shoots require substantial budgets. It means hiring talented makeup artists, hairstylists, buying wigs, prosthetics, renting or designing original costumes, recruiting models and renting a space where I can bring all of these elements together.

The Structure Queen and the Heroine

The Structure Queen and the Heroine

When I executed the shoot for Heroine, I carefully picked models that I knew would convey the characters that surround the Heroine on her journey.  I brought in a fashion designer to provide some costume elements, while others were designed from scratch and created only for the shoot. I rented out the historic site, Eastern State Penitentiary to give the sense of a magical underground world in decay.

Now Josh has asked me to design the shoot for Danger’s Untold, a game about a heroic girl in a strange land. It is a beginner-friendly LARP for 3-8 players ages 12 and up..

I would like to make the Danger’s Untold shoot even bigger than Heroine. When I shot Heroine, I had been doing journalistic shoots for just over a month. Now I have a years experience, and over that year, I’ve learned so much about photography, and I’m excited to use what I learned in a big photoshoot.

The Structure Queen

The Structure Queen

I’d like to use springtime as a setting and place the entire shoot outside. I would like to bring in models who can convey a range of characters, and outfit them in amazing costumes.

The camera shows a fraction of a second, a portion of time and place spliced up to show you something beautiful. When I create the fantasy world for Dangers Untold, I’ll be bringing that world to life, even if it’s just for a moment in time.  I hope that you will support this project and help me bring this world to you.

If you like the sound of this project, you can support it’s development on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1080999837/dangers-untold