Ghost Party

My husband and I lost our Halloween due to illness. I was taken down by walking pneumonia, and Jared had bronchitis. It meant that we were exhausted nearly all the time and though Jared had crafted two beautiful costumes for us, we only got to wear them for an hour before collapsing back into our pajamas.

Light test for the ghost party

Light test for the ghost party

So we decided to have Halloween in February by throwing a ghost party. Our delightful friends put on fantastic ghoulish costumes, we decorated the house, mulled some wine, and told ghost stories – both personal and historical. Having a group of storytellers – from writers, to artists to librarians in our circle made for some great ghost stories.

The ghost party was also a great excuse for me to try out a new photo technique involving an off-camera flash, blue gels and a large silver reflector. I really love the ghostly results. Before our friends showed up, Jared was nice enough to pose for me so we could find just the right spot for folks to stand for the best results. When we found the right spot, I taped an X on the floor. I think I might install a photo-booth like this one at more of my parties.

Thank you to all of our friends who were willing to come out and give us our Halloween back. Drinking warm mulled wine and telling ghost stories on a cold winters evening was a wonderful time, and I’m lucky to have such creative friends who not only put up with our love of costumes, makeup, and stories, but revel in it.

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