Court/Ship Review

Court/Ship Cover Girl

Court/Ship Cover Girl

Every now and then, I stumble across a review of Court/Ship, the setting I did for Fate. I’m not saying it is universally loved – it’s certantly not the game for some folks, but when it gets love, it gets it for all the right reasons.

This is from a recent review:

“Covertly fighting an invasion of flesh-eating alien body-snatchers with the help of your basic human schemers plus secret vampires and other hidden supernatural elements amid the decadent court of Louis XV sounds boring!”

Said no one, ever.

Court/Ship is one of those concepts which you can look at, peer at from all sides, and wonder what on earth lead to someone having this idea. 

Oh,, I can only say that it was a life full of costumes, freak-shows, art, excellent books, magnificent weirdo friends, puppets, podcasters, excellent teachers, wine, pretending to be a vampire, meeting people who actively encouraged me to write about zombies, fashion designers, wig purveyors, and being a part of a fabulous community who allow me to experiment on them with game design.

All of that adds up to alien invasions and courtly intrigue.

Read the Review here:

Court/Ship: Good to be King

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  1. I’m glad the review appeals; we certainly liked the module! Using photography for the art was a very distinctive choice, too.

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