Jordan White

Until Wednesday this week you can pick up Philadelphia Weekly and see my photo of musician, Jordan White, on the cover.

Live Performance

Live Performance

This week I was working on my tax documents and I googled information about taxes for photographers. What I found was a bunch of articles about how being a professional photographer is impossible. Yet, here I am, doing it. Meeting Jordan White, I was aware that what he was doing, being a professional musician, is often thought as impossible as well. One of the inspirational things about working as a photojournalist is that I frequently run into people who are doing impossible things. My world is full of impossible people, doing impossible things. It’s a pleasure to meet each one of them.

From the article:

It’s a cold January night, and some 20 people have turned out for an evening at the Fenix Bar in Phoenixville. There’s a singer-songwriter crooning over an acoustic guitar, but tonight’s crowd is here to eat, drink and socialize. The musician, as far as they’re concerned, is simply a nice plus. And as far as he’s concerned, that’s okay. Not every gig needs to be all about him. Read more here:

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