The Giant Heart

Timaree Schmit, Ph.D

Timaree Schmit, Ph.D

Photography demands odd hours of me. Usually that means being out late at a concert, music shaking my ribcage, fighting past the danger- orange earplugs I wear when I’m faced with amplifiers bigger than my body. For the photoshoot in front of the giant heart at the Franklin Institute, however, photography demanded early morning.

My model, Timaree Schmit, Ph.D., is an expert in sex education. She also teaches a variety of fitness classes. Her article for Philadelphia Weekly is about fitness, the body, sexuality and health. We had done a great shoot at the gym where she works, but something about it felt expected. Of course I’d shoot a fitness instructor at the gym. It was nice, and we got good shots, but I felt we could do even better. I wanted something that would showcase the inside of the body as well as the outside.

I have memories of climbing through the heart at the Franklin Institute as a little girl. It’s a special place for me, so when I was thinking about how we could show the inside of the body, I thought about the giant heart.

One of the things I think about when I’m working out is how I wish I could see the results that happen on the inside. I think seeing the changes inside would be very motivational. The giant heart at the Franklin Institute allowed me to do that. I got to show Timaree, and the heart, and inside and outside, all at the same time.
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