Top 12 Photos of 2013

Recently I was asked what photo I took this year was my favorite, and I found it hard to choose just one. I’ve taken so many photographs of so many events and fabulous people this year and there are many that I really like. Rather than pick just one, I decided to choose 12 photos as my favorites of the year.

The Heroine and Courtship photoshoots were my favorite kind of shoots – where I get to combine photography with fantasy storytelling. They allow me to stretch my imagination and indulge in my love of costumes, makeup, and going on adventures to places. Getting to shoot in a historic church and Eastern State Penitentiary was such a delight.

Many of the photos from my favorites this year were taken for Philadelphia Weekly. I started shooting for the paper this year and was sent out to photograph drag queens, food, parties, and concerts. I got to meet extraordinary people this year and photograph their amazing performances, food, and projects. I have taken more photos this year than ever before, and I look forward to what next year will bring.

Gallery: Click on any photo in the gallery to make it larger.