Kickstarter First Aid: Updates

This week I’m posting the five steps I take when I help a creator with their Kickstarter campaign.  In this post, I’m covering Step 3: Updates.  This post talks about the role of updates in a campaign, and the excuses I hear from creators about why they aren’t updating their campaigns.


When I see a flagging Kickstarter I check out the updates. If there are zero to four updates in a flagging campaign, I know what I need to tell the creator. Updates are how you mobilize your supporters and demonstrate your ongoing enthusiasm for your campaign.

“But J.R.!” you say, “So And So doesn’t have a lot of updates and they got a bunch of money!”
True. Is So And So more famous than you? Is their campaign more professional looking? Also, does it matter? The point is, if you have a flagging campaign, you’ve got to do everything you can to help bolster it – and this is one of the tools in your toolbox.
Your updates should be:

1. Public: Let people know about what you are doing.
2. Enthusiastic: If you aren’t excited, how can anyone else be?
3. Relevant: Share relevant NEW information: Elaborate on your campaign, share art, testimonials, backstage video, an in-depth explanation of your rewards, a tutorial, your appreciation for your backers, interviews with you or others working on the project, or something new that just happened.

“But J.R.!” you say, “All of that is HARD!”
Do you want this money or not? Yes, this is hard. It’s work. Getting money is work.

When you update your campaign, you are showing your backers how much you care about what you are doing, how much work you’ve put into your campaign, and your enthusiasm for what you’re doing.

It’s best to plan out your updates before a campaign, leaving room for exciting things that can happen during a campaign. But if you are in the middle of a campaign, it’s not too late to start updating.

Tomorrow we’ll cover Asking For Help, a difficult, but important step for a Kickstarter in trouble.

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