Here Come The 87’ers

For just one more day, you can go to a PW box in Philadelphia and pick up my cover with the 87ers.



This was my first time photographing basketball. I’ve photographed theater and parties  and public events that have quite a lot in common with sports but never sports before.

Conclusion: I loved it!

Athletes are beautiful, and they do extraordinary things with their bodies, so the camera just eats it all up. While photographing under florescent lights isn’t the ideal lighting setup, it is bright, which helps when you are trying to stop motion.

I hope to photograph more sports in the future. I love the pace and the excitement of it, as well as the opportunity to photograph stunning people.

One thing about photographing basketball players is that it is difficult to convey just how big they are. I am 5’7, which means that I’m taller than most women I meet. I felt like a hobbit standing next to these gentlemen! And it’s not just height. I’ve always thought of basketball players as long and lean, which, yes, they are long, and they appear lean from a distance, but many of them are just huge, packed with muscle. I felt very small next to them. Not in a bad way.  Sort of like looking up at the night sky all filled with stars and getting a sense of proportion when confronted with something wonderful.

I got to see the players warm up, and that in itself was very interesting. These gentlemen work so hard. Their workouts are varied and intense, even before they start playing.

I’ve had to take time off of my exercise routine due to pneumonia, and watching these gentlemen was an inspiration to get back into the swing of things.

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