In Their Own Worlds

People keep telling me I have to choose: Fiction or Photography. I can’t be a writer and a photographer. There just isn’t any way! If I’m going to master either, I have to choose one. It’s hard though, because I love them both. My dream is to do projects that integrate my love of these things together. Thus, my new project In Their Own Worlds.

In Their Own Worlds is a project where I’ll be placing authors in the fictional worlds they’ve created. In Their Own Worlds is about the line between fiction and reality, and placing the people who create worlds into the worlds they’ve designed.

Over the years, I’ve photographed many authors. Generally these photoshoots are for their book jackets, which means that the shoots themselves are fairly straightforward. I want to take things further. I read the books of these authors, I follow their blogs and am inspired by their fiction. I have often dreamed of photoshoots where I could make their worlds come to life.

Four authors have agreed to participate in this project with me and I hope to get started soon. Photoshoots of this size require the assistance of costume designers, makeup artists, specialized lighting, and the rental of space. I have a great deal of experience making things happen on a small budget, so I know I can make these photoshoot happen, but I want to take things further than I usually do, and that means having a budget. I’m excited to take on this challenge.

I’ve done big projects before. I produced Shelter in Place, did the interior art for Court/Ship, stayed up for 24 hours in the city for a photo project, launched the board game Velociraptor! Canniablism! and I just finished the book, The Ministry Initiative, so I know I can work on big projects and make them happen.

I am so excited to work on a photography project like this, that melds my love of fiction and photography together. There are a few things I need to finish before I throw myself in, but I’m looking forward to creating these worlds.

Below are photos of authors I’ve taken in the past. Click on any photo to make it larger: