Made New: Evil Genius

Jared has a column for Philadelphia Weekly called “Made New” where he examines old techniques that are used in the modern world. I follow him and take photos.

I’m not a beer person. I’m a coffee person, a wine person, a steak person, a tofu person, a ginger person, but not a beer person. Many beer people that I know put their favorites in front of me saying “Even someone who hates beer will love this.” I try to be polite about these encounters “It’s not horrible,” I’ll say, or just “Yes, that’s beer.”

The chocolate pumpkin porter from Evil Genius is delicious. It is made in relatively small batches and apparently it is difficult to find. But the gentlemen from Evil Genius gave us a bottle, and Jared and I were able to enjoy all it’s goodness. There are some excellent perks to this job.

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