Made New: Drawing Back

When Jared and I talk about a future hypothetical dream house, one of Jared’s requirements is that he is able to shoot arrows from it.

We live in West Philadelphia right now, and shooting arrows anywhere near where we live wouldn’t work at all. However, in the pursuit of journalism for Jared’s column, Made New, we got to tour the Penn-Del Archery Club and Jared shot some arrows.

From Drawing Back:

For an act that sends something hurtling away from you at 184 mph, so much of archery is about an awareness of your own body. Pulling the bowstring back requires the muscles in the back just as much as the muscles in the arms. Different bows require you pull your hand back to your mouth, your eye. Which eye are you favoring? How’s your breath? The longer you hold your arm up, the less likely you are to hit the target, so this awareness is paramount. The body needs to be in perfect alignment before you can even begin to aim.

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