Dita Von Teese

It is with incredible pleasure that I get to add Dita Von Teese to my portfoilo! I got to see her show, Strip, Strip, Hooray! (http://www.stripstriphooray.com/) at the tower in Philadelphia this month, and it was an extravaganza.

As a photographer, I’m pretty used to being invisible, set dressing, but during this performance, MC Murray Hill called me out from the stage! He asked me who I was shooting for, and when I said “Philadelphia Weekly” – the entire crowd cheered! So much love for my paper.

Not only was Dita Von Teese INCREDIBLE, but the other performances were top notch as well. Prince Poppycock stripped while singing opera, which is not something that I ever expected to see in my lifetime, but now I know was completely what I was missing from my life.

Here’s a small gallery of photos from the show. Enjoy!