Blood and Music

This is a story about blood.

During Made in America Fest in Philadelphia, I wandered away from the main stages just long enough to take photos of a local band, Restorations.

I really enjoyed their music, but also these guys were fun to photograph. They played with incredible passion, which, as you can see, the camera just loved.

The most visually interesting aspect was the guitar that the lead singer was holding. The paint job looked like he had been bleeding all over his strings, and that the blood spread as he played. It was very dramatic, especially considering how much all of them were throwing themselves into the music.  I take photos, I enjoy the music, I move on.

I am meeting with a guy at a recording studio, and he asks me what concerts I’ve been to this year.

“Oh, the Made in America Fest,” I say, and he tells me, oh yeah, the lead singer of the band, Restorations, cut himself during the concert and bled over his guitar.

“I thought that was a paint job!” I say.

“No, that was totally real. It’s easy to cut yourself on the strings, and your fingers can bleed a lot.”

I e-mailed the band and Jon Loudon confirmed that the blood was real. He had clipped his finger on an old string at practice the week before and then during the show, he busted open the blood blister by accident.

That is passion for the music then, right there, to play through pain and blood. I look at these pictures now, and I love them even more. The music was great, but the passion for the music was even greater. I’m so honored that I got to catch these moments for this band.