Velociraptor! Cannibalism! Ships To Backers

I am so pleased to announce that Velociraptor! Cannibalism! is ready to ship to our Kickstarter backers!

This game has been a long time coming, from design to funding to production to development, but after it gets to our backers, it’s going to be available for purchase to the public. I’ll post here when that happens.

Backers should check out the latest update for details: UPDATE 

Thank you to everyone for their support. It’s been quite a ride.
Our campaign aimed for 4k and hit 40+k. Over the past couple years, I’ve been hearing stories of campaigns much like ours, where artists go way over their goal (like us) promise more stuff (like we did) and then spend their money and fail to deliver (not like us).

Looking back, there were a few forks in the road where we could have signed away our rights to our game, overspent, underdelivered, and made massive mistakes. Because of a brilliant community of creators who put us in touch with the right people at the right times, because of the training we have had as creative professionals and because of the patience and support of our backers, we are shipping.

This project has taught me just how easy it is to fall into those pitfalls where you end up with zero funds and no rights to your project. We were saved, in many ways, because of our community, because of the lawyer who stood up for us, because of the people who taught us about money and contracts, and because we, ourselves, were prepared to stop offering rewards when we knew they were things we couldn’t afford.

Thank you to the community, who helped us so much along this road. Soon, the game will be available to the public, and we might not have gotten here without the valuable knowledge and support of the people around us. Thank you!