The Ministry Protocol is Live!

The Ministry Protocol

The Ministry Protocol

The Ministry Protocol, a short story anthology about steampunk secret agents, is now available (in it’s digital version) for sale!  I have a story in it called The Mystery of the Thrice Dead Man.

It features Agent Books and Agent Blackwell on an airship.Hijinks. Tea. Also capes. Maybe a werewolf.

Here is how my story opens:

September 8, 1894, 1012 feet above the Atlantic Ocean

Wellington clung by his fingertips to a freezing metal pipe on the outside of the giant airship Hammarström as it zipped through the sky. He chanced a look down, to see the clouds floating below him, and below that, the wide expanse of the rolling ocean. From the balcony above him, where he had been so unceremoniously tossed, beyond the rush of air outside the ship, he heard the crackle of electricity and a loud shriek.

“Not a real mission,” he muttered, clinging to the cold pipe. “Practically a paid vacation,” he growled, and looked up towards the ship full of pirates.

You can buy The Ministry Protocol on Amazon.