Fringe Photos

Philadelphia Weekly asked me to go to select Fringe shows and photograph the performers for the paper. During that assignment, I got to go behind the scenes and meet directors and performers.

Two of the shows I photographed were so compelling to me that I had to go back and see them.

Antihero was a show about a man fighting the Philadelphia Parking authority, at least, on the surface. It was also about how our culture views violence, feminism, and the roll of men in society. There is a part where two of the characters expand on their ideas of feminism through the lens of wonder woman that is just hilarous. If they did a video of that and put it online I’m sure it would go viral.

Alley of Nightmares was kind enough to do several skits for me during the shoot, and after seeing that, I knew I had to come back. The show was funny and weird  and smart. I loved it so much that I dragged my friends to it.