The Cockroach Strikes!

I was writing my first novel when the idea for Dr. Mercury struck me in the head. I wrote enough stories about her that I almost didn’t complete that first novel. IA female super villain who was powerful, fickle, and dangerous appealed to me. In short, she’s a complete power fantasy. She is what we’d like to do if we didn’t have any consequences. Dr. Mercury always wins, even when she loses.

Jared, my husband, has also created a super villain. Comrade Cockroach is just about the opposite of Dr. Mercury. He isn’t the most powerful person in the world, and he’s been defeated many times. He loses. Often.

The thing about Cockroach is that he keeps getting up, to try again. It’s easy to keep going when you always win. It’s hard to keep going when you lose. But something motivates Comrade Cockroach to keep trying.

After talking about these characters for ages, Jared and I decided that they had to be lovers at some point.

No one’s relationship should be like Dr. Mercury and Comrade Cockroach. They aren’t good for each other.

Dr. Mercury should be with someone who can nurture humanity in her coal-black heart, who can help her to see life as precious, who could convince her to use her power for good. Comrade Cockroach does not do that.

Comrade Cockroach should be with someone who will be there with him when times get rough, who will be loyal and stand by him. Dr. Mercury leaves the moment she gets bored.

Comrade Cockroach met Dr. Mercury when she wasn’t quite as powerful as she is now. Oh, she was a rising star, but she wasn’t get the Alpha-Level World Threat that she is today. When they met, they were terrorizing super heroes and stealing crown jewels.

Then something happened. She changed. Evolved. And Comrade Cockroach remained the same.

What happens when your lover becomes an Alpha-Level World Threat, and you are the only person that the authorities know she cares about?

Jared’s story, The Cockroach Falls, addresses this. He knows Dr. Mercury well, and I’ve had the privilege of reading what he’s written so far and I adore it. It’s an adventure pulp story, true. But it’s also a story about what love means to people who don’t understand it, and what failure is to a man who cannot die.

Only four more days to get the story: The Cockroach Strikes