5 Things My Best Models Say

I work with models a bunch, and there are certain things models say that make me feel really good about working with someone new.

1. These are my limits. . .

I really like it when a model is totally up front with limits, what they will and will not do, and what makes them uncomfortable. Knowing these things makes me more comfortable working with them, because I know what their limits are. This could be dealing with clothing, or even holding a certain position. I have no desire to abuse or hurt another person, and working with a model who speaks up for themselves makes me feel safe and happy.

2. I’ve looked at your work, and I like your style

I love to hear this. I like knowing that a model chose me not just because I’m cheap or nearby,  but because they honestly like my style. That feels great.

3. I have an idea!

I love it when models have ideas. I hope that a model is never sitting in front of me, silently seething hoping that I will do something specific that they love. I would rather they just speak up. I love collaborating with creative people, and often models have fantastic ideas about how to pose their own bodies.

4. I’m insecure about. . .

I like it when people share how they feel with me. Some people don’t like their arms, or chins, or tummies, and knowing what bothers my models can help me to arrange a shoot that they will be happy with.

5. I love my body

Wow, when someone just loves their body, it is a delight. In our culture, this is a continual struggle, and I understand how hard it is to do this, but when someone loves themselves, they shine.

A Gallery of some fantastic people who have stood in front of my camera. Click any photo to make it bigger.