Velociraptors at the Philly Geek Awards

Velociraptor! Cannibalism! has been nominated as Indie Game of the Year  for a Philly Geek Award.

This was the game that I worked on with five other designers at the Philly Game Jam. Jennifer Rodgers, one of my best friends in the world, poured about a year into making this project the most weird, beautiful, fabulous game I’ve ever seen.

This means that we all get to go to the award ceremony and meet scientists and designers and all the amazingly cool people that are honored at this event. And win or not, we are still one of three nominees for this category, which is an incredible honor.

I would like to remind people that when we first proposed this game, we were laughed at. Seriously, laughed at. We were asked if we were serious. I was questioned if I was competent to raise the money we needed. We were told, repeatedly, that our idea was Impossible, Silly and Wrong.

This is just to say that whatever you want to do, someone will tell you that it is Impossible, Silly and Wrong. They will say it right up to you succeed, but when you sipping  cocktails with scientists among dinosaur bones at the award ceremony, you won’t hear a peep.

So if someone told you that your dream was Impossible, Silly and Wrong, remember that is something you will be told anytime you want to do anything that might have you nominated for an award.

Philly Geek Award

Impossible, Silly, and Wrong