Next Project: Tears of a Machine

Right now my world is consumed by writing and editing The Ministry Initiative, a steampunk RPG I’m working on with Galileo Games. It’s a huge project and every moment I’m not taking photos for Philadelphia Weekly, I’m writing the Ministry.

Waiting in the wings though, are a bunch of giant robots.

My next project is helping my good friend, Russell Collins, edit his new RPG, Tears of a Machine. Russell describes his game this way:

Tears of a Machine is a tabletop RPG of giant robots and the teenagers who pilot them.

Tears of a Machine is a tabletop story game (or RPG) of giant robots and teenage pilots inspired by the mecha anime shows that I love: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fafner: Dead Aggressor, Gunparade March and others. Playing the character of a young pilot, you’ll be connected to the brain of a SAInt, a robot crusader with a dangerous will of its own, and sent to fight the alien raiders and their monstrous war machines.

A game of Tears of a Machine is about the characters first. The rules and situations of the game are tuned to create stories about the pilot’s hopes, dreams, and fears. A pilot’s ego can turn failure into success or mire a pilot in depression. What happens in the classroom or at the diner is just as important for a pilot as what happens on the battlefield.

He is coming down to the last 6 days of his Kickstarter campaign.

One thing I really like about Russell’s campaign is how focused he is on producing the best game possible. One of his stretch goals is making the game accessible to people with disabilities, which is something that is incredibly rare, as most people don’t have the resources or expertise to make that happen.

If you like giant robots, I encourage you to check out his Kickstarter , watch his video, and get in on the robots-punching-aliens action.