Philadelphia Weekly: 24 Hours

Today, Philadelphia Weekly published their 24 Hours in Philadelphia Issue. It was an ambitious project, to cover 24 hours in the city. The journalists from Philadelphia Weekly spread out across the city, writing about everything from performances to giraffes, to overheard conversations to the homeless. It was coverage of every hour.

When this idea was brought up, I asked if I could cover every hour, as a photographer. I knew this would be ambitious. I’ve covered all-day events before, situations where I had to be “on” for eight to ten hours, but I’ve never covered 24 hours without sleep before. I knew this would be a challenge for me.

I also know that artists need challenge. We need to push our bodies and spirits in order to grow.

When I studied martial arts, the man who taught me once said that it was called a martial art because the study of it was never complete. You never finish as an artist, you just keep going, keep learning, continue to grow. Even when you die, you hope that what you achieved will be the shoulder that someone else will stand on.

I took on this challenge to become a different artist than I was before I started. It was hard. It left my head tired and my feet burning. I am so glad I did it.

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