Hour Twenty-Four: The 24 Hour Photo Project

11:00AM, Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Laurel Hill is one of my favorite places in Philadelphia. It’s graves are beautiful, some of them competing for height, some of the miniature palaces to those that rest there.

I thought that it would be the night when I would most struggle against sleep, but it’s now, at 11AM. I want to lie down on one of the gravestones and just sleep there, in the shade. It’s quiet here, peaceful, sleepy. I can imagine resting here.

I make each burning footstep walking to look over the river, and I’m rewarded to see a rowers pushing themselves through the water and the view of trees and a distant bridge.  Quite a few photos are close to the ground here, because my steps are agonizing, and I take every opportunity to sit.

This is a still place, only nature seems to move here, only plants and sky and me.

One last stop, before I go home.

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