Hour Seventeen: The 24 Hour Photo Project

4:00AM, Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

I arrive at 30th Street station to see all the chairs placed up on tables for the night. It is peaceful here. Little birds hop around the station and people doze on the long benches.

I take photos of them, sleeping.

Watching other humans sleep makes me want to sleep. It would be easy just to put my head down on my bag on these long benches. Cops stand watch. It feels safe here.

I have to leave.

As I go, I see that someone has put down all the chairs that were up. I did not see or hear this. I realize now that a part of me, the sharpest part, has shut off.

Also, if the chairs are down, it’s morning.

I know I need to capture the dawn. I know that. Dawn over the city is magnificent. I could not forgive myself if I missed it. I run to my car.

(Afterwards, I learn that I missed my Editor in Chief by minutes. In our debriefing with the rest of the crew, I learn that I missed many of them by minutes at different locations – I was going while they were coming, or we were there at the same time, hidden from each other.)

Tomorrow: Come The Sunrise

Yesterday: The Fire

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