Hour Sixteen: The 24 Hour Photo Project

3:00AM, Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

I walk towards the South Street diner. Maybe some food will perk me up for the morning hours. An early breakfast, coffee and eggs. I wonder if there are diner photos worth taking.

Then I see the fire.

A kiosk is on fire. Someone has leaned a mattress up against a kiosk and somehow the whole thing is ablase. I ask a guy standing on a streetcorner if someone has called 911. He says he did.

I get close to the fire, start taking photos. The kiosk seems to be simultaneously burning and melting. Smoke billows upward. I shoot.

Then I see him, a man filming the entire affair. He is missing teeth, this man, and he rails at the authority figures that show up. He films me filming him (only fair) and then shows me his camera. It’s a 3-D affair, pretty fancy. He tells me he just got it. I wonder if he set the fire, or if he just like me, a witness.

I hear alarms and I get out of the way. The other man stays.

Later I search the internet looking for his 3-Video. I can’t find a thing. I hope he puts it up. I’d be interested to see what I look like photographing a fire. In 3-D.

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Yesterday: I bet she’s a pornographer

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