Hour Four: The 24 Hour Photo Project

3:00PM, Friday, June 21, 2013

School is out at Germantown High School. It is the last day of school for this building, as the government is closing the school. A lone student waits outside and teachers load their belongings into cars. The school is very quiet.

Later, I will visit a graveyard that is far more lively than the school at this hour. But that comes later, much later.

Tomorrow: Father and Daughter

Yesterday: Carrot Man

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One thought on “Hour Four: The 24 Hour Photo Project

  1. My father and his friend, Stan were the only two people to graduate from Germantown High School in 1925. Most students in those days quit at 16 and got jobs to support their families. Girls went to a “continuation school” and worked in the mills to build a truseau for their wedding. I wonder how Dad would feel about this today if he were here.

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