Hour Two: The 24 Hour Photo Project

1:00PM: Friday, June 21, 2013

It’s feeding time for the Giraffes at the Philadelphia zoo, and I meet the three giraffes in the family. Up close these animals manage to be simultaneously elegant and goofy.

They look somewhat spindly, but I realize just how powerful they are when they are ripping leaves off my proffered branch. I want to touch them but I know better. When I feel the urge, I raise my camera.

I will forever wish for giraffe-like eye-lashes.

Like these photos? You can do this too. Here is the info that the zoo sent me about their ADOPT program:

Imagine scratching a white rhino behind the ears, feeding a 17 foot tall giraffe, throwing lettuce into the jaws of a 2-ton hippo, getting a hug from a penguin or getting close enough to our tigers to count the stripes.  The Philadelphia Zoo ADOPT program allows you to do all this while helping our animals receive the best possible care.  For as little as $150 per person, you can choose which animals to encounter.   You’ll also become ADOPT parent and receive a certificate of parentage, a photo of your animal and an invitation to ADOPT Day.

Tomorrow: Carrot Man

Yesterday: Locked Out

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