24 Hours In Philadelphia

Starting today at noon, I’m going to be photographing 24 fantastic hours in Philadelphia. It’s a portrait of the city as shown through 24 photographs, each representing an hour in the city. I want to do the big and the small – the sunsets and the kittens, the performers and the commuters.

Of all the photography projects I’ve done, this is the most ambitious, because in some ways, it’s impossible. You cannot capture everything that happens in a city, all the stories and all the images worth seeing. Whenever a photograph is taken, it’s a percentage of a second, time split and divided, an example, a slice, an exposure. It’s about light. How much light will I see in 24 hours in the city, and what light can I bring back from my adventure to share with you.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking my camera out to the city. I’m going out to see Eveyln Champange King, lunchtime in Center City, tailgating for the Stones Concert, Friday night at the salon, Sunset over the city and a giraffe.



I cannot wait to share. I am nervous and excited and delighted.

I’ll be around the city all day. You can follow me on twitter @jrblackwell if you want to find out what I’m up to.