The Totally True Story of J.R. Blackwell

J.R. Blackwell founded a roleplaying club in her high school and then went on to found another club in college. The college club was first turned down for club status because it “Seemed like just a club where people with similar interests did things together”. It became one of the biggest clubs on campus.

J.R. Blackwell is a contortionist who performed with punk bands. She used to be called “The Plastic Elastic Kitty”. She once appeared at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School.

Once, J.R. Blackwell met Warren Ellis, who told her that he liked her writing. This gave J.R. Blackwell the permission she never needed to be an artist. Since then she resolved to encourage people in their own dreams and to give them the permission they don’t need to do whatever they want.

J.R. Blackwell is a prophet of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, as she has written a chapter in The Gospel. She is a very low-key prophet though, and performs zero missionary work.

J.R. Blackwell is a fat man who performed in a burlesque show.

For three years, J.R. Blackwell was a professional singer at a church. She is an atheist, but not an evangelical one.

J.R. Blackwell once escaped a mugging due to her contortionist skills. The police advised her to carry a knife. She does not. Sometimes though, she travels with a bodyguard, who has multiple stripes on her black belt. Her bodyguard carries a knife, among other things, things that are generally encased in black.

J.R. Blackwell wrote Shelter in Place, an ENnie award winning game, with a team of friends, one of whom she’s known since High School.

J.R. Blackwell started taking photos because her friends kept saying how ugly they were, and she wanted to prove them wrong. Not she takes photos full of monsters.

J.R. Blackwell graduated from Guilford College and earned her Masters at the University of Pennsylvania.

J.R. Blackwell now shoots for Philadelphia Weekly where she has photographed fancy food, Drag Queens, festivals, parades, prison food, wrestlers and an opera star.

She is currently writing the mechanics for The Ministry Initiative, a steampunk roleplaying game.

If you follow her blog, you’ll see photographs of food, performers, adventure, monsters and the occasional rock star. You will also see games and fiction. Now and then, an over-the-top rant. She does not do rants that fit under the top. You have been warned.

You can also follow her on twitter, tumblr and G+.

Here is a bunch of photos of her. What does she looks like? Who knows. It’s probably not important.

If you have any question for her, she’ll be answering them today in the comments.

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