Blushing Salt

Last weekend I went out to photograph the food at Branzino. Wow. That place is AMAZING.

They had these fillets (?*) of salmon on a brick of blushing salt that were beautiful. I’m not a fish person, but I was encouraged to take a bite and OH MY GOD IT WAS LIKE ANGEL FLESH.

Also, it was beautiful. Food that is both delicious and beautiful is special, as most of my favorite foods are beige and covered with cheese.

I would be a terrible food critique. There really isn’t much “critique” in me. Restaurants would ADORE me, but everyone else would find me unreliable, as I adore just about everything that is put in front of me. I would just write repeating columns that would go something like: “I WENT THERE AND ATE THE FOOD AND IT WAS GOOD AND NOW I CAN’T MOVE.”

My general feeling towards food is: YUMMY! A critique seems to have to be able to distinguish between the taste, texture and intentions of the chef, while considering price, pairing, and decor.

I’m way more like cookie monster in that if I can shove it into my mouth without injury, I’m happy.

I can, however, take some very nice photos of food, which you can view below. Click any photo to make it larger.

*Bits? Pieces? They were bits of salmon, okay? I do not know the word to describe the size. But they were excellent.

One thought on “Blushing Salt

  1. They all look delicious! Are the salmon pieces cooked? Not that it matters, I’m sure it’s delicious either way.

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