Philadelphia Pride

This Sunday I had the opportunity to photography the Philadelphia Pride Parade. It just happened to be the 25th Anniversary, and it was colorful and lovely and had adorable adoptable pets. I hope all those pets got loving homes that day.

Anyway, it was great to see everyone’s outfits. Also, it was great because there were Drag Queens.

Drag Queens are my favorite subjects of ALL TIME. I love them because they are dramatic and colorful and they know how to pose and somehow every photograph of a Drag Queen is a poem and a short story and is glorious and if you disagree with me you are just wrong.

There was a Christian dude there with a horn saying things like: “Jesus! Bible! Come on! Jesus says you shouldn’t be a homosexual! GET ON THE JESUS BUS!”

Approaching him were the huge delegations of churches walking in the parade. I had to rush to another shoot, but I wonder if anything happened they reached each other.

Gallery below! (Click on any photo to make it bigger)

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