Powder Her Face

This week, Philadelphia Weekly has of my photos for their Summer Guide cover. It is such a kick getting to see one of my photos on the cover of a newspaper as I romp around town.

The photo is for an opera called Powder Her Face, and the most famous song from that opera is a musical representation of a blow job.

I attribute part of this cover to my cousin James, who brought me something called a covered wagon. It’s essentially a strip of wood with three lights in it surrounded by a wire cage. He told me that it adds depth and interest to a scene.

The request for this cover was to focus on this fabulous actress (Patricia Schuman). No background. But with a super plain background things can end up looking like a mug-shot very quickly. So in comes the covered wagon! I placed it behind Patricia to add some light and depth and warmpth to the photo. I tried photos with it on and photos with it off, and what do you know – on was better!

So thank you James! You saved my photographic day.

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