Blog Hop Winner!

Congratulations to Rich Ragan, the winner of my stop on the Ministry Initiative Blog Hop! Rich won a print of his choice from the selection in the post I wrote, and he chose the photo you see above. Thank you to everyone who entered and everyone who supported the Hop. The Hop was done for the Ministry Initiative Kickstarter, which is still going strong, but only has a few days left to pledge.

This contest went so well that I think I’d like to run another someday. I’m considering the kinds of prizes I could offer, and what kinds of prizes might people like. I have books (Shelter in Place, Gimme Shelter)Photography Sessions (You could enter to book my services for a shoot), photobooks and Prints.  If I were going to offer rewards for a contest, what would you be interested in? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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5 thoughts on “Blog Hop Winner!

  1. Hey J.R. Hope you are well. First congrats on full funding of Ministry Kickstarter! Eep! I’m excited and thrilled. 🙂 Okay, for a giveaway… Hmmm, I really like that print Rich picked. I might have to say prints as I see a few there I really like along with this one. Or maybe a photobook? All sound like great wins to me. 🙂

    • Prints and photobook! Those are grand ideas. I really liked the print giveaway, that went really well. A photobook giveaway could be pretty special as well. I guess I’ll have to make one. Thanks for commenting!

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