Yesterday I went to The Roots Picnic where I got to learn, first hand, just how adorable Solange is.

How adorable? SO Adorable.*

I study a lot of people through the camera lens. I get to noticing things like the slide of skin around the eye, the position of cheekbones, the curve of bicept and the tuck of a waist. Solange has a special power, that when she glances your way and smiles, you feel that she has noticed you, and is smiling directly at you, and this, by itself, makes you smile.

I thought it was just me, but I saw it happen to another photographer: Glance. Smile. Joy.

It’s a magic just as incredible as anything I’ve read in high fantasy novel.

I have included photos in the gallery below. I’m not sure they capture the magic. Sometimes the saying is right, sometimes you just have to be there.

*Her band is ALSO adorable.