TOTALLY OBJECTIVE: The Shambling Guide to New York City

The Shambling Guide to New York City isn’t a book you read, it’s a book you consume like a baby eating a cupcake. You jam it all up in there, getting sweet book frosting all over your brain meats, because it’s delicious and fun.

The book concerns young Zoe, a writer who has moved to NYC escaping a hometown scandal only to find a city full of monsters. It’s like Mur Lafferty is writing the story of my life. Also, she has jammed one of my GREATEST SECRETS into this book.

Mur gave me this book and I was all “Yay Mur has written a book!” But here’s the thing, even though you love them, your friends do not always create things that are your cup of tea. Right? So, sometimes you have to be very diplomatic when someone is all “Hey, did you like my book?”

This is not one of these cases.

I took this book home with me and read it in one sitting. I saw Mur the next day and was like “SEQUEL NOW!” and then I made her uncomfortable by going on about what characters I, personally, was shipping* (ZOE/PHIL, you bastards, read the book and AGREE WITH ME OR DEATH)

This book is candy. Delicious Candy. It’s got zombies and death gods and vampires in it and it’s just a delightful romp though central park with action and adventure and a heroine who is tough and smart and fun to hang out with.

So go read it. BUT ONLY IF YOU LIKE FUN.

*If you don’t know what this is, it’s probably better that you don’t look it up.

TOTALLY OBJECTIVE is a series where I review things my friends have made. This is the second one I’ve ever written. I WILL WRITE AGAIN. MAYBE.