When I Became Obesessed with a Water Tower

Last weekend, my friends and I went to the Fredrick Book festival to sell some books. Before the festival, there was a big book signing, and Jared was there with his book, The Battle of Blood and Ink. After the signing we all decided to go to dinner but I had to stand around in the parking lot photographing this water tower.

I just couldn’t stop staring at this water tower because it was so beautifully framed by the clouds. I held everyone up from going to dinner as I took several photos of it trying to capture it’s water-tower majesty. My friends tolerate my obsessions with a lot of grace.

The water-tower thing is actually a pretty good example of the kind of composition I try when I’m out shooting photos. I usually take a photo twice, and if I really like what I’m seeing, I’ll take several different compositions. Maybe at some point I’ll show you the water tower so you can see what I tried to do. Could be interesting. Or it could be a sausage that you don’t want to see inside.

I brought my little stuffed Fred’s to the festival too. I usually keep them in a shoebox, but I wanted to put them in something smaller for travel, so I found this plastic container. When I put them inside, I was struck by how hilariously distressed they all looked.

Poor Freds.


We all got home safe and sound, with more money and less books. A good weekend.